Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell both new and pre-owned golf carts?
Yes. We have a vast selection of both new and used golf carts. We also offer nationwide shipping if you’re interested in a golf car that’s on our website.
What golf cart brands do you carry?
We are a factory authorized E-Z-GO dealer. We carry new E-Z-GO and Cushman models as well as pre-owned E-Z-GO, Cushman, Club Car, & Yamaha golf cars.
Which type of golf cart should I purchase?
How you intend to use your golf cart should determine which one you purchase. Here are some reasons why you should choose one over the other. Purchase a gas golf cart if:
  • You want to travel greater distances (Up to 200 miles per tank) & use it frequently
  • You do not have access to power to charge your golf cart
  • You want to avoid the cost of battery replacement every 5-6 years ($600-$800)
Purchase an electric golf cart if:
  • You plan to drive less than 20 miles between charges (Up to two full rounds of golf)
  • You need silent operation & want to protect the environment
  • You want trouble free operation & aren’t interested in annual services
Do you sell golf cart parts & accessories?
We carry golf cart parts & accessories for all makes and models at our stores. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to check the availability of a part.
How do I maintain my golf cart batteries?
Monthly Maintenance:
  • Check water level in each cell of battery. The water level should be covering the lead plates. DO NOT Overfill. The water level can also be measured by the inner lip of the cell opening. The water level should be below the bottom of the lip, but covering the lead plates. Distilled water must be used to fill batteries. Do not fill to the top of cell.
  • Check the tightness of the battery terminal nuts. They should be snug. DO NOT over-tighten. This can cause damage to the battery post and require replacing the battery.
  • Clean any corrosion from the battery terminal area. There are numerous battery terminal cleaners on the market. Also use battery terminal protector to help inhibit future corrosion.
  • Batteries last longer if they are allowed to cycle. If you don’t use the car for over 15 minutes drive time (<1 mile), do not charge the car until after the next day’s use. Make sure you charge the car for the amount of usage you plan to the day/weekend, etc, but try to let the batteries get used to running as low as possible. Charge accordingly.
How long do golf cart batteries last?
Golf cart batteries that have been properly maintained will generally last between 5-6 years. It is important to use the maintenance suggestions above to extend the life of your batteries.
What brand of batteries do you sell?
We are an authorized Trojan Battery dealer. We carry deep cycle batteries in all voltages (6V, 8V, 12V) & batteries for gas powered golf carts as well. Please contact one of our parts or service departments if you’re unsure of which batteries you need.
Can I bring my golf cart to you to be serviced or repaired?
Yes. You can schedule a service or repair online or call one of our service departments if you need additional assistance.
Should I charge the golf cart after each use?
Yes. It is good for the batteries to be fully charged at all times. So, you should charge your golf cart after each use. Automatic golf cart chargers will shut off once the batteries are fully charged, so there is no need for concern that they will be over charged.
How long does it take to charge a golf cart?
This depends on two factors, the quality of your batteries and how charged your batteries are to start. With that in mind, it could take between 2 and 10 hours.
Can I leave my golf cart battery charger plugged in to my cart for extended periods of time without my batteries dying?
No. Once the batteries are fully charged, the charger will kick off and will not restart until it is unplugged and plugged back in.
Will running my batteries down all the way before I charge them allow them to last longer?
No. All reputable battery manufacturers recommend that you never deeply discharge the batteries because it will actually shorten the life of the battery.
What voltage is my battery?
Count the number of water holes on the battery. Then: 3 holes = 6 volts 4 holes = 8 volts 6 holes = 12 volts
How to Determine Golf Cart Voltage (36V or 48V)
An electric golf cart will have either 4, 6 or 8 batteries and will have either a 36V or 48V drive train. 1) Look under your golf cart seat to locate the battery compartment. 2) Count the number of holes on a battery (Usually 3, 4, or 6) 3) Multiply the number of holes by 2 to determine the golf cart battery voltage (Each hole/cell is equal to 2V) 4) Multiply the golf cart battery voltage by the total number of golf cart batteries 36 Volt Example (6 Volt Batteries) 3 holes x 2 volts = 6 volt battery 6 volt battery x 6 total batteries = 36 volt system
My golf cart battery charger is not working, what should I do?
This is a common question. Sometimes you may think that your battery charger isn’t working or that it will not kick on. This happens frequently. Firstly, how long has it been since you've charged your batteries? More often than not, if it has been several weeks or more, or if you just got new batteries, or if your batteries have been really run down, it may be that the batteries don’t have enough voltage in them for the charger to start working. Automatic golf cart battery chargers need a minimal amount of voltage in the batteries to even start working. They need somewhere in the range of 20-35 volts in the batteries to allow the chargers to know that they are connected up to batteries and for the charger to kick on. If you are experiencing this, take a 6V or 12V car battery charger and manually charge up the golf cart batteries for a few minutes each. This process will give the batteries enough voltage, so that your golf cart battery charger can then take over the process. At the very least, this process will eliminate a low battery voltage as the potential issue. This should take no more than 15-20 minutes of manual charging in total. This situation happens often when people leave town for a couple weeks without charging their golf carts, or they discharge the batteries a little too much and the batteries' voltage drops way down. This is why it is a good idea to always leave your golf cart batteries charged up after use.
I only had one bad battery so I replaced it. My cart ran fine for a while but now it won’t hold a charge again. What happened?
When batteries are connected in a series as they are with golf carts, you will need to replace an entire set rather than single batteries. Each battery within the pack needs to be of approximately the same age, size and usage level. Do not put a new battery in a pack that has over 50 charge cycles on it. Instead replace with all new or with a good used battery of approximately the same age. In these cases, what happens is that the weak battery (or batteries) will draw down the power from the others in order to equalize the power across the pack. This is especially evident in carts that have accessories connected to a battery or two.
Does the battery pack perform differently over time?
Yes. As your batteries age, they will require water more often and longer charging times. They may also have a higher finish rate (amperage at the end of the charge cycle). Capacity also decreases over time. To extend the life of your batteries, be sure to keep them free of corrosion, keep the acid at the appropriate level and charge your cart as needed.
How often should I have my vehicle serviced?
We recommend that your golf cart be serviced every year.
What kind of an engine tune up, fuel & oil specs do I need for my golf cart?
E-Z-GO 4 cycle Gas Car: Spark plug gap = .030 Gas = 87 Octane Oil = 1.5 quarts of 10w30 Valve clearance = .004 (cold engine) Rear axle oil = 40oz of SAE30
My cart sometimes won’t start right away – what should I do?
On a gas cart you will need to use the choke button to ensure that there is gas going to the system, especially if the cart has been sitting for a while. Other potential issues are:
  • Is the key in the “on” position?
  • Is there fuel in the tank?
  • Spark plug wires – Are they corroded or loose?
  • Loose connections to ignition coil, spark plug or rev limiter
  • Ignition coil – Is it failing at times?
  • Clogged or dirty fuel filter or exhaust
  • Starter/generator belt may be slipping
I turn the key and hit the gas and nothing happens.
First check to see that key is in the on position. Then:
  • Check the battery, then the fuses.
  • Starter/generator – sometimes the brushes inside are the problem.
  • Starter solenoid
  • Accelerator pedal microswitch
  • Keyswitch
  • Neutral lockout microswitch
  • Wire condition in starter/generator circuit
  • Cylinder or crankcase flooded
What is the best way to clean my cart?
Wash your cart with a professional auto wash liquid like Armour All Car Wash and a soft clean sponge. Do not use dishwashing detergent, laundry soaps, or other cleansers not designed for automotive finishes. Rinse it, chamois dry it and apply Lucas Slick Mist and wipe dry with a micro fiber towel. Clean your windshield using water. Do not use an ammonia based cleaners like Windex or multi-surface cleaners and do not dry with a cloth of any type.
What year is my E-Z-GO golf cart?
If you have the serial number. Go to Type in the serial number and it will tell you the year, make and model of the golf cart. If you can’t find the serial number, see below for tips on how to find it. Step 1: Locate the manufacturer's serial number code to determine the model of your E-Z-GO golf cart Where your manufacturer’s code is located generally tells you which EZGO model you have (i.e.: TXT, RXV, Marathon, etc.).
  • On the rear passenger side frame and on steering column – RXV (2008 & up)
  • Below the choke- TXT, ST, S4, L6, S6, Terrain (2007 & up)
  • Inside the passenger side glove box – TXT (1996 & up)
  • Inside the passenger side glove box – Medalist (1994-1995)
  • Under the passenger side glove box – Marathon (1976-1993)
  • Under the driver side seat on the frame – Pre-Marathon (1965-1975)
On many of the newer EZ-GO's, they will have the words "TXT", "Freedom TXT", "RXV" or "Freedom RXV" listed on the side of your golf cart. Step 2: On older models, look at the manufacturer’s code to determine the year of your EZ-GO golf cart: The last two numbers of the manufacturer’s code is the model year for EZ-GO's manufactured from 1979 & up (it's the first two numbers if manufactured from 1976-1978). Here are two examples:
  • If the last two numbers of your EZ-GO manufacturer’s code are “92”, you own a 1992 EZ-GO Marathon.
  • If the last two numbers of your EZ-GO manufacturer’s code are “98”, you own a 1998 EZ-GO TXT
What year is my Yamaha golf cart?
What is the value of my used vehicle?
This is a difficult question to answer sight unseen. As an automobile value depends on age, cosmetic condition & mechanical condition, as well as any options or accessories on the vehicle, the same is true for golf cars. We recommend bringing it in to one of our locations & getting an estimate. You can also try to compare prices online from sold listings. But like anything pre-owned that is sold online, buyers beware.


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