2021 Star EV Capella CP-2 for Sale

Features may include:

  • Range

More battery life equals more playing time. Our 36 V electric golf cars can go up to 40 miles on a single charge, and our 48 V cars go up to 60. If you can play 15 rounds of golf… your STAR EV golf car can too. Fore!

  • Comfort

Let the sport of golf make you sore, not your golf car. Large egress, high-back seats, and a smooth suspension to cruise the course in comfort.

  • Durability

Your short game may be shaky but at least your golf car won’t be. Reinforced bumpers, capped frames, and quality bag straps to keep you and your clubs safe.

  • Keep it green off the green

Go from the course to the neighborhood in no time. Add our patented 2-in-1 combo seat to carry golf bags or 2 extra passengers in the back. STAR EV electric golf cars act as great weekend vehicles on vacation and at home. Zip through the neighborhood or get through the campground safe and smoothly.


  • 2021

  • Star EV

  • Capella

  • CP-2

  • 2 Passenger

  • 48 Volt AC, 4kW w/thermistor

  • Speed: Curtis 350A AC Controller

  • Maximum: 19.5 mph (25 mph if LSV)

  • System: 6, 8 Volt Deep Cycle

  • Motor Shaft Direct Drive

  • System: Rack and pinion double output, self compensated

  • Body material: Injection molding plastic with Automotive paint and finish

  • Plastic, extended, colored matched

  • Welded structural steel, powder coat

  • Double swing arm independent coil over shock

  • Longitudinal leaf spring + Shock absorption

  • Service: Mechanical braking

  • Mechanical foot parking

  • Track: 36.7” (93 cm)

  • Track: 38.6” (98 cm)

  • Rims: 10” DOT Radial Tire and Machined Black Honeycomb Rim

  • Rims: 10” DOT Radial Tire and Machined Black Honeycomb Rim

  • 93.7” X 47.6” X 73.6” (237 cm x 121 cm x 187 cm)

  • 65.7” (167 cm)

  • 4.8” (12 cm)

  • 10.17 ft (3.1 m)

  • 2

  • 800 lbs (360 kg)

  • 1089 lbs (490 kg)


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