2021 Yamaha Umax Rally 48 Volt AC For Sale

We harnessed the speed of our motorcycles, the power of our WaveRunners®, the durability of our outboard motors, the pure grit of our all-terrain vehicles, and the skillfully engineered quietness of our golf cars to create the new UMAX Rally with a lifted suspension, 23″ tires wrapped around 12″ V-window wheels, and complete with a Yamaha Genuine front brush guard and deFender fender flares. Whether it’s for the farm, construction site, warehouse, or campus, the UMAX Rally goes where no other Light Utility Vehicle can making it yet another reason why Yamaha is The Easy Choice .

  • MOTOR: 48-volt AC Motor
  • OUTPUT RATING: 6.7 hp (5.0 kw)
  • MOTOR CONTROL UNIT: Toyota Industries-built motor controller unit.
  • BATTERIES: Standard: Six 8-volt Trojan T-105 batteries.
  • CHARGER: Delta-Q Charger

Prepare yourself for an energy-efficient, electric solution that features smooth acceleration. Our electric cars make battery power synonymous with horsepower, while giving your players a silky smooth ride.


  • New Motive T875-AGM battery option Protected by a Life of the Lease warranty
  • Motive T875-FLA battery option Proven performance time after time
  • Cradle-smooth suspension
  • Toyota Industries-built motor controller unit
  • Delta-Q Charger
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