DPI 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger – EZGO TxT Connector

The 48 Volt 14 Amp Gen-IV Accusense Charge® Intelligent Battery Charger by Diversified Power International is fueled by a shrewd, microchip controlled, multi-stage charge calculation for different battery types utilized in golf trucks and other electric vehicle applications.

This charger is viable with 48 Volt E-Z-GO utility vehicles fabricated from 2000 through 2007 that use the rectangular indented connector. This incorporates the MPT, ST, WorkHorse, and a few Cushman vehicles. Notwithstanding the name, this charger isn’t viable with the 36 Volt E-Z-GO TXT model golf truck.

Broadened Power International has been fabricating golf truck battery chargers of every kind imaginable here in the USA for quite a long time. This Heavy Duty 48 volt golf truck battery charger has a weatherized development that is strong and guarantees dependability. Studies have shown this kind of charger beats other battery chargers that case to be appraised at up to 25 amps.


  • 48Vdc, 17Adc Output
  • 120Vac 60Hz Input
  • 9ft Length Input and Output Cords
  • Output Connector Type: EZGO TxT Connector (with Notch)
  • Designed/Made In USA (92% min. USA material sourced content)
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • No Spark Charging, Reverse Battery Protection
  • 20 Amp DC Panel Meter and 5-L.E.D. Read-out
  • Patented Selector mode allows user to charge most every lead-acid battery type


  • Weatherized Construction ensures reliability
  • Outperforms tapered-style battery chargers rated at 30 Amps
  • Large analog meter with 5 LED intelligent display
  • Universal IEC AC power input connector
  • AC Line ‘Power Good’ and disruption green/red LED indicator
  • Optional battery temperature compensation cable kit
  • 32 pre-installed charge modes available via user-accessible switch panel
  • Micro-USB interface allows user to install additional customized algorithms and upgrade the charger software
  • Works with large and small capacity 48 Volt battery banks
  • Works with flooded-cell, AGM, and sealed batteries
  • Works with most battery chemistries
  • Manually selectable on-demand cell equalization charge mode
  • Lower profile design
  • Stand-alone or on-board mounting options
  • Available pre-formed mounting brackets allow for drop-in installation on many vehicles
  • 100% input-to-output galvanic isolation to protect the user from AC mains


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