Gem Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combo 205x40x14

If you want to dress up your stock Gem golf cart with a new set of golf cart wheels and tires this is the set. This all new Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Combo will surely add some style and bling to your ride. Looks way better than those ugly stock wheels. Also based on the diameter of the tire at 205x40x14 it will increase the overall speed of your cart by 3-5 mph. All aluminum chrome dipped 14 x 6 (0 offset) wheels that are wrapped with the All New Acheiva Radial DOT rated Golf Cart Tire.  They will also fit Club car, Ezgo or Yamaha golf cart bolt pattern. This 14″ Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels and Tire Combo includes everything required to do the swap in minutes. Tires are mounted and ready to roll.

This Golf cart Wheel and tire Combo comes with 205x40x14 tires, 16 chrome lug nuts and 4 chrome enter caps. Designed for all standard 4 lug golf carts.

Kit Includes:

    • Set 4 Aluminum ITP 14 Inch Wheels
    • Set of 4 – 205 x 40 x 14 Acheiva Golf Cart Tires ( DOT Rated Radials )
    • 14″ Wheel (14 x 6 – ET 0)
    • Tires – 205 x 40 x 14
    • 16 Chrome Lug Nuts
    • 4 Chrome Center Caps
    • Designed to fit Gem Cars without modifications.
    • Also fits Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha Golf Carts

Special Note – “Depending on your carts current set up you may be required to adjust (raise) the rear fender cowl on your E2 or E4 Gem. ( Not an issue with Utility bed carts)”

Special Notes for Gem Car Owners – Pete says…. ” Depending on your carts current set up you may be required to adjust (raise) the rear fender cowl on your E2 or E4 Gem. ( Not an issue with Utility bed carts)” These wheels will not fit on 6 passenger or HD models that have 5 lugs. 

Notes on Rear Fenders – On 2000 thru 2004 you should be ok, but rear fender adjustments are recommended. On the 2005 thru 2007 models you should be ok as well though these years the fenders came slightly dropped down in the back. On 2008 and up they installed lights and fenders will need to be raised.

Also a notable feature of the newer Gem Carts was a tighter turning radius, so depending on how sharp you turn you might experience minor tire rub when turning really sharp. Though usually not an issue. 

Raising Rear Fenders on your Gem Car – If you so decide to lift the rear fenders it is a fairly easy adjustment. You will need a drill and a few basic tools. Drill out new holes say 1″ to 2″ lower on the upper shock retaining bolts. ( Depends on desired height – we usually run a 1.5″ drop) Once you move the shock position it will raise the cart and almost gives a level road height. Looks Better as well… 


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