MID XRX-R Gokart  with REVERSE

6.5hp, FULLY LOADED MODEL with ELECTRIC START and REVERSE, Torque Converter, Full Suspension, Deluxe Seats and Lights. Mid-sized Gokart for adults up to 6′ tall and kids over age 8, Super High Quality Reliable 196cc 6.5hp Engine 4-stroke SEE VIDEO

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We can ship it to you ASSEMBLED! with this option selected, only roll bars, head rests and battery will need to be installed. This cuts assembly time from about 2 hours down to about 20 minutes!  And it is assembled by professionals!  Not to mention no need for special tools such as forklift to lift up the unit to install the wheels. Assembled vehicles must still be uncrated and setup by customer’s qualified mechanic prior to operation

Mid XRX-R has an Upright Engine WITH REVERSE Mid-Sized, TrailMaster MID XRX-R is an Amazing Go Kart for kids over 8 and adults up to 6′. Super High Quality Reliable 196cc 6.5hp Engine 4-stroke, Keyed Electric Start, Torque Converter, Live Axle, Headlights


Upright 6.5hp Engine with external Reverse

with Upright 6.5hp 196cc Engine and external Reverse. a winning combination like that, you just can’t go wrong. This is your opportunity to buy factory direct and save $$$ on this Super High Quality gokart with all of the features everybody wants

*Premium Engine Oil SAE 10W/40 for Buggy, SXS, UTV, ATV, Dirt Bike, Gokart, Minibike. ALWAYS INSTALL FRESH OIL when setting up a New Vehicle. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Using the correct oil will protect your engine+ prolong engine life
TrailMaster MID XRX is an Amazing Kids Dune Buggy Gokart for ages 8-12, Super High Quality Reliable 196cc 6.5hp Engine 4-stroke, Electric Start, Torque Converter, Live Axle…ALL PARTS AVAILABLE

The MID XRX comes with Fenders on All Wheels as shown on the above photo. (the photos below do not show the fenders)


  • Reliable 196cc 6.5hp Engine, 4 Stroke, Electric Start, W/REVERSE
  • Torque Converter
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Full Suspension
  • mini MP3 Player w/Speakers, SD, USB (optional)
  • Highback Seats (not shown in all pictures)
  • Deltran Battery Tender w/Quick Connect (optional)

  • Reliable 196cc clone Engine, Keyed Electric Start
  • Single Cylinder, 6.5hp Air-Cooled, 4-Stroke
  • Torque Converter
  • Live Axle, Dual Wheel Drive
  • Front Double A-Arm with Coil over Shocks
  • Rear Swing-Arm with Dual Hydraulic Shocks
  • Dual Seat with Fingertip Slide Adjust
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Fenders on all four Wheels (not pictured)
  • Headlights
  • Front Tire: 16 x 6-8
  • Rear Tire: 16 x 7-8
  • Rack-and-Pinion Steering
  • Kill Switch on Dash and Engine
  • Seat Belts: Dual Point Retractable
  • Heavy Gauge 25mm Steel Frame Construction
  • Reaches speeds of approx. 30+ MPH
  • Length 66″, Width 40″, Height 47″
  • Distance from Seatback to Pedals: 31.5in adjustable to 34.5in
  • Ground Clearance 6.6″
  • Vehicle Weight 150lbs
  • Max Payload 221lbs
TrailMaster is your best bet for small sized kids Gokarts and 150cc to 300cc Adult Buggies. Formerly sold under several brand names, now available Warehouse Direct at wholesale prices. The Kids Gokarts are traditional old school style fun karts just like the Kenbar and Manco karts that used to be manufactured in the USA and use Honda GX160/200 clone upright engines and Torque Converters. The Adult sized buggies use GY6 Honda Helix clone engines with CVT transmissions. TrailMaster machines are very high quality with almost no warranty issues and all parts readily available



We have seen some confusing information on the web regarding TrailMaster Models.

Here’s the Straight Scoop:


XRS = Base Models

XRX = Fully Loaded Deluxe Models


Kids Gokarts:

Mini XRS small size, base model 5.5hp, Torque Converter, Speed Limiter, Pull Start, age 6-10

Mini XRX small size, deluxe 5.5hp, Torque Converter, Speed Limiter, Electric Start, age 6-10

Mid XRS mid size, base model 6.5hp, Torque Converter, Pull Start, age 8-12

Mid XRX mid size, deluxe 6.5hp, Torque Converter, Electric Start, age 8-12


Adult Buggies:

150 XRS adult size, base model Buggy GY6 150, CVT Automatic Transmission

150 XRX adult size, deluxe model Buggy GY6 150, CVT Automatic Transmission

300 XRX adult size, deluxe High Perfocmance 300cc with Shaft Drive


GokartsUSA is the USA Distributor for TrailMaster


  • Upgrade the Intake and Exhaust
  • Stage 1 Kit (K&N)
  • Box Stock Upgrade Kit
  • Superbox Kit
  • Replacement Engines
  • Replacement Clutches
  • GTC Torque Converter Upgrad


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